JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 14, 2023

Outcomes Matter Innovations, LLC (OMI) announces a groundbreaking approach to enhance the delivery of care and cost containment of those who suffer from Rheumatic diseases.

OMI, a value-based care accelerator founded and operated by seasoned physician specialists, is introducing a program designed to maintain or even enhance clinical outcomes, while driving down the total cost of care to treat these diseases.

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About Outcomes Matter Innovations: 

Outcomes Matter Innovations, LLC (OMI) is Jersey City based company focused on technology enablement that facilitates a new business model in Value-Based Care Reimbursement for Specialty physicians, as well as management services for established healthcare providers throughout the Northeast.  Founded in 2018, they work with specialty physicians to develop clinical treatment pathways in their respective specialties for conditions which have a high total cost of care and high-variability in treatment.  Using the expertise and data provided by specialty physician partners, OMI develops customized technology for the physician to make decisions and track outcomes at the point of care with the goal of improving outcomes and decreasing the total cost of care.

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