JERSEY CITY, N.J., Jan. 23, 2023

Outcomes Matter Innovations, LLC. (OMI), a leader in specialty value-based care, announced that Andrew L. Pecora, MD, FACP, CPE has been named CEO and Chairman of OMI.  In addition, Benjamin R. Schoen has been named as Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer.

Dr. Andrew Pecora, a nationally recognized leader in healthcare innovation and the founder of OMI, has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company since inception. Under his leadership, OMI has developed and launched value-based care programs in ophthalmology, pulmonology, and breast cancer, which have proven to maintain or improve clinical outcomes for patients and reduce the total cost of care for Health Plans and Government payers.  In addition to value-based care, Dr. Pecora has driven the rapid growth of OMI’s Management Services and Site Research Organization businesses, developing customized programs and workflows for the management of hospital systems, oncology centers, large physician group practices, and assisting clinical research sponsors in the successful execution and completion of clinical trials.

“Andrew is uniquely qualified to lead OMI. He is a distinguished physician scientist who has dedicated his life to developing innovative oncologic treatments,” said Glen Gejerman, MD, and OMI Board Member, “His deep medical knowledge, his understanding of emerging scientific discoveries, and his business experience are the essential qualities necessary to develop and execute patient centric and value-based care delivery paradigms.”

Dr. Pecora is one of the world’s experts in blood and marrow stem-cell transplantation, cellular medicine, and immunology research.  He has led award-winning research funded by the National Cancer Institute and the AHEPA Research Foundation and has been involved in clinical evaluation of novel agents including cancer vaccines, replication competent viruses and targeted therapies.  He has also been involved in laboratory and clinical development of engineered blood and marrow stem-cell grafts for autologous and allogeneic transplantation, as well as cell therapy for regenerative medicine.  Dr. Pecora has also innovated in healthcare information technology as founder and Chairman of the company, Cota.

Mr. Schoen has 20 years of senior management experience in healthcare, most recently as the Managing Director, Network and Senior Vice President at One Call Care Management, the nation’s leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry. Prior to that, Schoen held executive positions in the group health space (including Medicaid, Medicare, MMP, ACA) serving as Chief Operating Officer for Aetna Better Health of Kentucky, Chief Operating Officer at Molina Healthcare of Illinois, and Corporate Market Leader at Humana.

“Ben is the right fit for OMI,” said Andrew L. Pecora, MD, OMI’s CEO and Chairman. “His leadership experience and business development background will assist OMI in strengthening channel partnerships, developing strategic relationships and expanding our presence in multiple revenue streams. We believe his strong healthcare acumen will help OMI rapidly grow the business and remain EBITDA positive throughout the process.”

“I am very excited to have joined the highly talented OMI team,” said Ben Schoen. “OMI has a great business model and offers a unique solution to expanding value-based care into the specialty arena which is a hurdle experienced by the entire healthcare industry. I believe OMI is well positioned to accelerate the adoption of value-based care with both health plan payors and providers by supplying front-end financial security while delivering back-end assurance of relevant clinical outcomes.”

Schoen received BA Degrees in Zoology and Psychology from Miami University and an MBA from Kennesaw State University, Coles College of Business.

About Outcomes Matter Innovations: 

Outcomes Matter Innovations, LLC (OMI) is Jersey City based company focused on technology enablement that facilitates a new business model in Value-Based Care Reimbursement for Specialty physicians, as well as management services for established healthcare providers throughout the Northeast.  Founded in 2018, they work with specialty physicians to develop clinical treatment pathways in their respective specialties for conditions which have a high total cost of care and high-variability in treatment.  Using the expertise and data provided by specialty physician partners, OMI develops customized technology for the physician to make decisions and track outcomes at the point of care with the goal of improving outcomes and decreasing the total cost of care.

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